Delaware’s Proposal Photographer

Hot Air Balloon Proposal – Newark, Delaware

Blair’s Ballooning located in Newark, Delaware made the most beautiful moment EPIC! Ken planned the perfect proposal and it went off without a hitch!

Man is on one knee asking for forever right before they take a hot air balloon with Blair's Ballooning.

She said “YES!”

The couple arrived and I asked if they were willing to participate in the marketing photos we were working on. It was the perfect cover story for why the photographer was there. Below you will see our very cute “Marketing Photos!”

Hot air balloon inflating while couple awaiting their ride.  Little does the girl know he is about to propose to her.

She has no idea he is going to ask her to marry him!

As the hot air balloon lifted into the air, Ken got down on his knee and asked the question. The surprise was real! She was shocked and it showed.

Future bride holding her face in her future husands arms with hot air balloon in the immediate background.

She was surprised!

After she said yes they hopped into the hot air balloon and floated into the sky. What a fun bucket list item you can cross off right here in Delaware!

Congratulations to such a sweet couple that will spend forever together!

Check out Charles at Blair’s Balloon for the best all around customer experience!

Did I mention I was able to ride with the chase crew!?! It was a huge highlight for me.

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Wilmington River Front Proposal

She took his pulse!

It was a beautiful summer day until the dark storm clouds rolled in with buckets of rain.  As the couple was arriving to Iron Hill Brewery it was raining and the sky was no longer blue.  This proposal had been planned far in advance and we decided to officially go for it at 12pm on the big day.  I received this text at 5:45, “Just got to Iron Hill.  This weather is killing me.”  I had just driven through the rainstorm so I knew it would pass quickly.  My response… “Enjoy a drink! Deep breath.  It won’t rain forever!!”

We corresponded through texts while at Iron Hill.  “How’s the weather?” he asked.  “Officially not raining!”


She works in the medical field and SHE CHECKED HIS PULSE right before the proposal!


Chris and I corresponded about location multiple times and he chose the Riverfront for the proposal.  While she was approaching she told him “that this would be the perfect spot for engagement photos” and we could not agree with her more.

She was totally surprised!  He was the most excited I have ever seen someone!  Ever.


Sessions are meant to be uniquely yours!  When Chris told me he wanted his fiance to pick a location for their portraits I was thrilled.  He proposed.  They walked down the dock and had the sweetest moments together (that I observed from afar.)  She then got to pick a location for portraits.

She of course picked the perfect location!  DSC_8441DSC_8465DSC_8501DSC_8508  Always remember in your future together

“Deep breath.  It won’t rain forever!!”

50th Wedding Anniversary

Attending a 50th Wedding Anniversary gave me all the feels. Cake was smashed after being fed politely.  Their friends gave the most impressive toast.

When she rounded the corner of her daughter’s house and saw all of her extended family that had flown in to celebrate their fifty years of marriage!  DSC_718250th wedding anniversary party cake smashTeenage grandchildren told me what amazing grandparents they have!

50th wedding anniversary party cake smash50th wedding anniversary party cake smash

50th wedding anniversary party cake smashDSC_7852DSC_7986

As I left this party, I was invited to come back when they celebrate 50 more years of marriage!  A big cheers to that!

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Delawares Proposal Photographer

She said “Yes!”

There are so many things that you must know about this Rehoboth Beach session.

First, this lovely lady has the most amazing friends and sister.  They are the ones that hired me to photograph this moment.  What a gift to give someone!  The night before the proposal her friend emailed to say that it was still going to be a total surprise.  These photos are before she has any idea he is going to make all of her dreams come true!

She had no idea!  And watching her see it all unfold was the sweetest.

The beach erupted with cheers for them!  Tears ran down my cheeks as I witnessed their excitement which the beach goers shared with them.

DSC_5102 (21).jpg

My favorite was hearing her thank him over and over again.  She had not seen the ring and was just so excited to start her life with him.

Her happiness and excitement were so delightful to experience!  She had so many questions to figure out how it was all planned.

They took a sweet stroll down the Rehoboth boardwalk to where their friends would celebrate.  The Blue Hen Rehoboth was host to the gathering of dear friends, decorations and drinks.

Proposal Photography DelawareProposal Photography Delaware

They called family and friends to share the news.  Proposal Photography DelawareProposal Photography Delaware

Congratulations to these sweet love birds!  May your excitement continue to your big day.

Looking for inspiration…


The House on Laurel Ridge has the most amazing home style!  Everywhere I turned there were tiny details.  Each time I saw a new corner with styled items (and real life items) I felt myself sigh.  Each detail made me feel at home and comfortable.  I wanted to grab a book and sit down for the afternoon.



The area above is right over her children’s tiny lunch table.  Bright colored crayons live in the little “create” jar that hides the bold colors.  If you are looking for someone to help you style your home check out my friend, Meredith!  DSC_2500

I have already had my first consultation with Meredith, since our session, and made some great changes to my home.  She has such a gift!  Our appointment was all about  what changes to make first for a big impact.  She suggested some great containers for my kids stuff, helped me order greens, and got me started on three DIY projects.  All of which have been completed.  Perhaps I will share those.

The House on Laurel Ridge Meredith McFarland

Be sure to follow her on Instagram!



The House on Laurel Ridge

Recently, I partnered with a Delaware entrepreneur to showcase her amazing home design style!  I knew it was going to be good, but let me assure you I was blown away multiple times.  You will be too!DSC_2387

The House on Laurel Ridge is an amazing home that is comfy and cozy and filled to the brim with love.  There are three perfect miracle children living under this roof.  I mention this because it is proof that you can have a beautiful home and not look at toys all day.DSC_2383


My favorite things in this living room were the storage solutions!  Diaper wipes and essential toys were tucked away in farm house bins.  Couch pillows were not tossed on the floor and instead tossed into the ottoman.  And there was a space between the wall and her perfect shelving unit where extra pillows were kept.

The House on Laurel Ridge Meredith McFarland


More details of this perfection are coming!