Wilmington River Front Proposal

She took his pulse!

It was a beautiful summer day until the dark storm clouds rolled in with buckets of rain.  As the couple was arriving to Iron Hill Brewery it was raining and the sky was no longer blue.  This proposal had been planned far in advance and we decided to officially go for it at 12pm on the big day.  I received this text at 5:45, “Just got to Iron Hill.  This weather is killing me.”  I had just driven through the rainstorm so I knew it would pass quickly.  My response… “Enjoy a drink! Deep breath.  It won’t rain forever!!”

We corresponded through texts while at Iron Hill.  “How’s the weather?” he asked.  “Officially not raining!”


She works in the medical field and SHE CHECKED HIS PULSE right before the proposal!


Chris and I corresponded about location multiple times and he chose the Riverfront for the proposal.  While she was approaching she told him “that this would be the perfect spot for engagement photos” and we could not agree with her more.

She was totally surprised!  He was the most excited I have ever seen someone!  Ever.


Sessions are meant to be uniquely yours!  When Chris told me he wanted his fiance to pick a location for their portraits I was thrilled.  He proposed.  They walked down the dock and had the sweetest moments together (that I observed from afar.)  She then got to pick a location for portraits.

She of course picked the perfect location!  DSC_8441DSC_8465DSC_8501DSC_8508  Always remember in your future together

“Deep breath.  It won’t rain forever!!”

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