Delawares Proposal Photographer

She said “Yes!”

There are so many things that you must know about this Rehoboth Beach session.

First, this lovely lady has the most amazing friends and sister.  They are the ones that hired me to photograph this moment.  What a gift to give someone!  The night before the proposal her friend emailed to say that it was still going to be a total surprise.  These photos are before she has any idea he is going to make all of her dreams come true!

She had no idea!  And watching her see it all unfold was the sweetest.

The beach erupted with cheers for them!  Tears ran down my cheeks as I witnessed their excitement which the beach goers shared with them.

DSC_5102 (21).jpg

My favorite was hearing her thank him over and over again.  She had not seen the ring and was just so excited to start her life with him.

Her happiness and excitement were so delightful to experience!  She had so many questions to figure out how it was all planned.

They took a sweet stroll down the Rehoboth boardwalk to where their friends would celebrate.  The Blue Hen Rehoboth was host to the gathering of dear friends, decorations and drinks.

Proposal Photography DelawareProposal Photography Delaware

They called family and friends to share the news.  Proposal Photography DelawareProposal Photography Delaware

Congratulations to these sweet love birds!  May your excitement continue to your big day.

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