The House on Laurel Ridge

Recently, I partnered with a Delaware entrepreneur to showcase her amazing home design style!  I knew it was going to be good, but let me assure you I was blown away multiple times.  You will be too!DSC_2387

The House on Laurel Ridge is an amazing home that is comfy and cozy and filled to the brim with love.  There are three perfect miracle children living under this roof.  I mention this because it is proof that you can have a beautiful home and not look at toys all day.DSC_2383


My favorite things in this living room were the storage solutions!  Diaper wipes and essential toys were tucked away in farm house bins.  Couch pillows were not tossed on the floor and instead tossed into the ottoman.  And there was a space between the wall and her perfect shelving unit where extra pillows were kept.

The House on Laurel Ridge Meredith McFarland


More details of this perfection are coming!

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