McLean Little League

Shannon Ritter Photography

When this client contacted me about capturing her son playing his favorite sport, she mentioned the game would be played on the field where his uncles played when they were kids.  AND his great grandfather coached on this same field!   I could not wait for the opportunity.  Shannon Ritter PhotographyThis little guy played his heart out!  His coach was eager to tell me how he was really working the hardest he had ever seen.  The same coach also mentioned how serious he is ON the field.  “Off the field is a different story!” Shannon Ritter PhotographyShannon Ritter PhotographyShannon Ritter PhotographyDSC_4580.jpg

Each time at bat he had a great hit!  And I loved to watch how the coaches cheered on the entire team!

Shannon Ritter Photography

I love a unique session that showcases your kiddos doing what they love!  Shannon Ritter Photography

Great Game Buddy!

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